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Tips to improve your sleep

Time stands still: Don’t lie awake watching the clock – think boring thoughts instead of your school or work worries or planning that party.Advertising feature
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The Sleep Health Foundation have been promoting healthy sleep awareness with the Sleep Awareness Week from July 4-10.

“The quality of your sleep is just as important,” Prof David Hillman, Chair of the Sleep Health Foundation,said. “Every night you need to go through several stages of sleep – falling peacefully into a deep sleep and periodically returning to so-called REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep before entering another period of deep sleep or waking up.

“During REM sleep(which is when we dream) your brain is quite active, which is believed to be due to the brain consolidating recently learned information and transferring it into long-term memory.

“Newborn babies find sleepeasy, teenagers are convinced they don’t need it, adults don’t have the time for it and seniors often can’t achieve it.

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Blooms The Chemist“Yet it’s a simple fact that whatever your age, getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best ways of staying happy and healthy – it’s just as important as a good diet and regular exercise.”

Advanced Sleep Phase Disorder (ASPD) is a sleep disorder where you always go to bed early as you’re tired and wake up far too early.The body clock needs to be reset and there are ways to do this with melatonin and exposure to light.

Rest easy: Sleep patterns acquired in childhood often feed through into adulthood so children should have a regular bedtime routine that allows enough sleep.

Conditions that affect sleep quality in older people include sleep apnea, arthritis, restless leg syndrome anddepression.

It’s not just adults that may find sleep difficult. Up to 40 per cent of Australian children have sleep problems.

“Sleep patterns acquired in childhood often feed through into adulthood,” ProfHillman said.“Recent research suggests that poor sleep patterns during childhood can delay children’s physical and mental growth.”

Tips for better sleep:

Stick to a routine – try to go to bed at the same time every evening and get up at the same time every morningTake care with food and drinks – avoid caffeine for at least an hour before bed and finish eating at least two hours before bedWind down and relax before bedtimeLower the lights – put aside your smartphone, computer or iPad at least an hour before bedMake sure your bedroom is quiet and comfortable – no TV in the bedroomDon’t lie awake watching the clock – think boring thoughts instead of your worries or planning that partyAvoid naps during the day if possibleGet some sunlight during the dayLimit fluids an hour or two before bedtimeSeek help if you are constantly tired in the daytime or are struggling with sleep patternsSee sleephealthfoundation.org419论坛

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Transport union faces court in member rort case

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten at the royal commission into unions in July 2015. Photo: Supplied Tony Sheldon from key right-wing union the Transport Workers Union. Photo: Louise Kennerly
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Powerbroker and Victorian Senator Stephen Conroy. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Labor Senator and NSW Right powerbroker Sam Dastyari.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’s relations to key unions is back in the spotlight. Photo: James Davies

Federal election: news, analysis and video

A powerful Labor Right union faces prosecution in the Federal Court after the workplace tribunal found it had massively rorted its membership numbers.

The Transport Workers Union, a key backer of Opposition Leader Bill Shorten and a mainstay of Labor’s NSW Right faction, inflated its membership numbers by more than 20,000, a Fair Work investigation has found.

Fair Work Commission general manager, Bernadette O’Neill, said it would take the TWU to the Federal Court for numerous contraventions of workplace laws. The union, which has admitted to overstating its numbers, could be fined tens of thousands of dollars as a result.

Fairfax Media first revealed the rort in December 2013 as part of an investigative series on union slush funds.

Since it was exposed, the union’s once dominant NSW branch has been forced to nearly halve the number of delegates it sends to ALP state conferences, reducing its influence dramatically.

Previously, the TWU told Labor it had more than 38,000 members in NSW. After the revelations it reduced the figure to just 17,800 members.

Membership numbers are vital to Labor-affiliated unions as the more members they can claim, the more delegates they send to Labor conferences.

Under ALP rules, delegates at the state conferences elect key committees, including the powerful party state executives, and the public office selection committees that play a key role in choosing candidates for Parliament.

The TWU is the base of present and past factional powerbrokers such as Senators Stephen Conroy, Sam Dastyari, former senator Mark Arbib and party operative John Della Bosca.

Ms O’Neill said she had notified TWU National Secretary Tony Sheldon of the outcome of its investigation and the Federal Court action.

She said she was satisfied the union had “contravened the legislation” by its NSW branch “failing to keep a register of its members” between 2009 and 2012 “and (by) failing to remove from its register the names and postal addresses of more than 20,000 members of the NSW branch”.

The union would also be pursued for similar breaches in its Western Australian branch in 2013 and its Queensland branch during an election, Ms O’Neill said.

A TWU spokeswoman said it had “fully” co-operated with Fair Work’s processes.

“The union has changed the way it keeps its membership records. All branches are now maintaining the register of members in accordance with the requirements,” the spokeswoman said.

Fairfax Media’s 2013 investigation also revealed the involvement of the TWU’s national and NSW branches in an expensive takeover of its Queensland branch in 2010.

That campaign was partly paid for by a secretive slush fund, with staff and funds supplied by jailed HSU leader Michael Williamson and staff members from the offices of Labor MPs including federal opposition frontbencher David Feeney.

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Calls for overhaul of campaign ad blackout

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull appears in a Coalition TV ad. Nick Xenophon is leading calls for change to the ad blackout rules. Photo: Paul Jeffers
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Opposition Leader Bill Shorten appears in a Labor TV ad.

Federal election 2016: News, analysis and video 

Critics of Australia’s election advertising blackout, which offers social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook an advantage in the final days of the campaign, are calling for an overhaul of the rules.

Described as a “20th century relic”, the blackout bans political advertising on television and radio from midnight on the Wednesday before an election until polls close on Saturday night.

Designed to reduce last-minute flooding of the airways and to provide voters with a “cooling-off period”, the blackout has been increasingly challenged by social media uptake and record early voting.

South Australian independent senator Nick Xenophon, Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young and advertising lobby groups are leading calls for change.

Parliament’s review of the 2013 election called on the government to examine the viability of the blackout, while the Liberal Party described it as “increasingly redundant”.

Melbourne University media and politics lecturer Andrea Carson said the rules were ineffective in the 21st century.

“Other jurisdictions, such as the UK, have various bans on certain types of political advertising, namely negative advertising, and social media is used to circumvent those bans,” she said.

“Notionally the idea is the blackout gives people the space to make up their minds without having influential media trying to sway them one way or another.

“I think it needs to be changed. The blackout doesn’t do what it is intended to do … and I don’t think retaining it as it is serves much purpose.”

About 1.8 million Australians have voted early so far in 2016, while Dr Carson said radio and television stations would benefit from any change.

“Whether you can try to regulate the social media space, I don’t know. It doesn’t seem like a workable solution to me,” she said.

Twitter’s director of media partnerships, Jonathan Harley, said social media had a clear advantage in the final days of the campaign.

“The great thing about Twitter is you can have the conversation any time, anywhere and that will continue up to election day,” Mr Harley said.

“Of course, that is one of many advantages of Twitter, but the main thing is we’ve seen through this election that the platform is a direct connection and that will only come into sharper focus over the next week.”

A poll last week found 22 per cent of Twitter users in Australia said they had made a political decision based on something they had seen on social media.

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Election 2016: Lazarus never thought he’d ‘be in a sex video with Jacqui Lambie’

Glenn Lazarus and some of his Senate crossbench colleagues feature on condom wrappers in GetUp’s sexually charged advertisement. Photo: ScreenshotFederal election: news, analysis and video
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Glenn Lazarus may have had a few preconceived ideas about politics before being voted into the Senate, but starring in a sexually charged political advertisement was not one of them.

Senator Lazarus features on a condom wrapper – along with fellow crossbenchers Jacqui Lambie, Larissa Waters, Nick Xenophon, Scott Ludlam and Ricky Muir – in GetUp’s latest ad to encourage voters to prevent an outright majority in the Senate.

As the act of congress is about to commence, the woman reaches in to the bedside table drawer to select a condom, emblazoned with Senator Lazarus’s face.

Fairfax Media asked Senator Lazarus whether it was the first time his face had been used as a contraceptive.

“Yes, I have to say it’s the first,” he laughed.

“Let me tell you, Jesus Christ, I didn’t think I’d ever be in a sex video with Jacqui Lambie. Deary me.”

Senator Lazarus said the ad came out of the blue and he had no idea it was coming.

“It just lobbed on the Facebook page, we clicked on it and there it was in all its glory, mate,” he said.

“I had no idea it was being done and was going to be beamed around the country.”

But, at its core, Senator Lazarus said the ad portrayed a serious message.

“I think the message is quite clear, that the people of Australia need some protection when it comes to the Senate and they’re encouraging people to vote for me based on my record as a senator,” he said.

“I think I’m a very fair senator and people have been appreciative of my role of the past two years.”

And with his campaign being run on a shoestring budget, it was an advantageous leg-up for Senator Lazarus in the days before the election, which had lasted well beyond the usual four-week recommendation.

“With limited resources, I’m very thankful for something like this,” he said.

“A lot of people will see it and, hopefully, they’ll agree with the message.”

GetUp national director Paul Oosting said, in a double entendre-heavy statement, that the cheeky ad came with a serious message.

“The Senate exists to protect us from bad government policy,” he said.

“Ensuring there are sufficient checks and balances on legislation is the best way for everyone to stay safe and have a good time.

“When it comes to voting in the Senate this election, it’s not the size of the party that counts, it’s how it works for you.”

Mr Oosting said it was aimed at ensuring more progressive candidates got elected.

“A minor party like the Greens, the Xenophon Team in South Australia or even Glenn Lazarus in Queensland can stop right-wingers taking important Senate spots and could even hold the balance of power,” he said.

“This election every single Senate seat is up for grabs, meaning it’s much easier for the Senate hopefuls to get lucky on Saturday night.

“We have twice many opportunities to elect progressive voices, but there’s also double the risk of dangerous candidates, like Pauline Hanson, scraping in to get a seat.”

Ms Hanson was considered a serious chance to win one of Queensland’s 11th and 12th Senate seats, along with Senator Lazarus and Greens candidate Andrew Bartlett.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull called the double dissolution in May in an attempt to rid the Senate of an obstructive crossbench.

“I think there will still be a crossbench that whoever forms government will have to deal with,” Senator Lazarus said.

“Malcolm’s idea was to call a double-d, which meant that all senators were up (for re-election) including the eight crossbenchers and he was hoping it would get rid of us.

“But I think it’ll come back to bite him, it’ll backfire on him.

“I think the Coalition will probably get back in, but they will have to deal with a crossbench that will have that accountability in the Senate.”

Senator Lazarus tipped an even bigger Senate crossbench once the votes had been counted from Saturday.

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Games milestoneVIDEO

700 GAMES: Peter Shaw will umpire his 700th football match in the clash between Natimuk United and Pimpinio on Saturday. Picture: PAUL CARRACHERWIMMERAFootball Umpires Association’s Peter Shaw will umpire his 700thgame on Saturday.
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Shaw has been umpiring for 27 years andsaid 700 games was a big achievement.

Shaw has umpired about 22grand finals, including athrilling two-point premiership decider between Ararat and Horsham Saints in the Wimmera Football League in 2001.

Shaw said Pimpinio player Eddie Williamson pulled his leg and recruited him to the umpiring world.

“He said what are you doing when you retire,why don’t you become an umpire and it started from there,” he said.Shaw said his body was testing him but he wouldstick at it for as long as possible.

“I love the comradeship on the field,” he said.

“Another big titlewas getting a life membership.”

Shaw will mark his milestone umpiringthe senior Natimuk United gameagainst Pimpinio at Natimuk with fellow umpiresMaurice Rudolph,Don Hutchins, Bob Pritchett andKingsley Dalgleish.

“They’re great mates.We’ve umpireda lot of games together over the years,” Shaw said.

The fiveumpires havea total tally of 2725 games under their belts.

Shaw said he expectedto celebrate with a hard earned beer.

“The young blokes come in after the game and the first thing they do is get the Gatorades into them,” he said.

“Me, it’s a beer, always has been and they look at you and say, what are you having a beer for?”

“‘Cause I’m thirsty.”

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REVIEW: Addams Family a scream for Bendigo

FAMILY SHOW: Ghostly Addams Family ancestors help the living accept new love in Bendigo Theatre Company’s production of The Addams Family. Picture: GLENN DANIELSRELATED:Kooky cast shines as Addams Family
Nanjing Night Net

Bendigo Theatre Company’s production of The Addams Familyis impressive from the get-go.

The three-hour musical is, in many ways, a love story.

Gomez and Morticia Addams’ daughter Wednesday is all grown up andsmitten with a nice, ‘normal’ young man from Ohio.

Her romance withLucas Beineke challenges theprinciples her family holds dear.

What plays out on the Ulumbarra Theatre stage isthe drama, often comedic, of each of the characters adapting to change in their own peculiar ways.

It’s evident how much care and talent has been lavished on the spectaclefrom the moment Cousin Itt, shrouded in his characteristic mop of hair,asks peopleto switch off their phones.

The show isaesthetically stunning, from the costumes to the make-up by Alana Boulton to theghoulishsets by Ken Wells.

In addition to portrayingGomez Addams, the play’slinchpin,the gifted Jason McMurray acted ascostume designer.

He brings passionto the role of a man torn between devotion to his wife andlove forhis children.

Laura-Jane Leach is a feistyMorticia Addams, and Amy McMillan is powerful in her portrayal of Wednesday.

The trio leads a cast of 24 triple threats: they can act, they can dance, and wow, can they sing.

Ulumbarra Theatre is full of the voicesof what seems like a much bigger cast when they’re all belting it out together.

Combined with performances by the 12-piece orchestra, led by musical director Joshua Geddes, it’s a pleasure to hear.

Choreography by Toni Brandie anddirecting byVern Wall and Mandy Ellison effectively usesthe generously-sized stage.

Dance highlights include the opening scene and a tango. Butmost impressive was the presence each of the characters commanded.

The Addams Family: A New Musical has not been widely performed in Australia, let alone familiar to Bendigo.

It was created byJersey BoysauthorsMarshall Brickman andRick Elice, with music and lyrics byDrama Desk Award winnerAndrew Lippa.

The play takes its inspiration from the characters created by American cartoonistCharles Addams.

The Origin Theatrical play follows Bendigo Theatre Company’s successful production of Mary Poppins.

“We thought it might be a good, fun one,” Mr Walls said.

Bendigo Theatre Company is stagingperformancesfrom7.30pm on both Friday and Saturday nights, and matinees from 2pm on Saturday and Sunday.

The show opens on Thursdayat 7.30pm.

Tickets are available fromThe Capital website or by calling5434 6100.

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Ready for the world’s most arduous race

Wagga’s DanielBeresford istaking on the world’smost gruelling mountain biking race to raisefunds for Ronald McDonald House, Wagga.
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Daniel and Jade Beresford. Picture: Laura Hardwick

Beresford take part in the Crocodile Trophy, ridingacross650km of terrain, andclimbing 13kmin far north QLD over an eight-day period in October.

He’s been training upwards of 20 hours per week, and he’sin top form; hewon aMTBnational series marathon round in the masters age category in Brisbane last week.

He will be competing againstprofessional European cyclistsfor a podium finish.

“I’m in it to do the best Ican,” he said.

“It’s been on the bucket-list for 10 years.

“I’ve saved-up for a couple of years to do it, it’sa veryexpensive race to do.

“I thought, ‘why not do it for a cause?’”

Beresford’s riding for a cause close to his heart.

At the age of six, his daughter, Jade, contracted kawasakis disease, and wasfighting for her lifeat the children’s ward in Wollongong Hospital.

“She almost died,” he said.

“She might have lost her life if it weren’t for the amazing people at the children’s hospital.”

Jade’s 15 years-old now, and preparing for the NSW state cross country carnival.

He will be riding for those who haven’t been so lucky.

He willstartoff inCairns, rideto the Atherton Tablelands, Irvinebank, the Skybury Coffee Plantation, and finishin Port Douglas.

“The longest stage is 130km in 40-degree heat and humidity,” Beresford said.

With Wagga Motors as a major sponsorBeresford has set up aGo Fund Meaccount and has been promotinghis campaign via his ‘Croc For Kids’ Facebook page and on Instagram.

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Upgrades one step closer for Bendigo RSL

ARTIST’S IMPRESSION: The upgraded RSL building will include the construction of a new wing to house travelling exhibitions from the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.
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Regardless of the outcome of Saturday’s election, the RSL is one step closer to achieving its dream of upgrading theSoldiers Memorial Institute in Pall Mall.

Since unveiling plans for amulti-million dollarupgrade on the historic building last year, theBendigo District RSL has sought funding from all three levels of government for the $4.2 million project.

The City of Greater Bendigo haspledged $800,000, theRSL has raised $500,000, and nowboth major parties have committed federal fundingto the project.

On Wednesday, the Coalition announced it would match the $1.7 million promised by theLabor Party in May to help fund the redevelopment.

Now all that is needed to secure the funds for thefirst major works carried out on thewar memorial in the past five decades is a state government contribution of $1.2 million.

Currently, the RSL is waiting on the outcome of agrant application submitted to the state government’s Regional Infrastructure Fund.

If successful, it will be the second time in three years that all levels of government have contributed funding to a Bendigo project. The other being the creation of Ulumbarra Theatre, which has already become a Bendigo icon.

The well-needed upgrade to the building will help rejuvenate a slice of Bendigo’s history and bring it into the future.

Anew gallery space at the rear of the existing building is included in the plans and isdesigned to attract the best RSL exhibits from across Australia.

The gallery will include state-of-the-art climate control features to accommodate touringexhibitions from the War Memorial in Canberra andthe exhibition space will be located atground floor level, with the storage and preparation areas within the upper level roof space.

Not only is this beneficial to our community, but also to the many visitors our city attracts each year.

Bendigo has a thriving tourism industry and the upgrades will only help further that.

But perhaps the most important benefit, what such an investment shows andmeansto those who have served our country and fought for us.

Now all we need is for the state government to step up and help bring this fundamental piece of our history into the future.

Ashley Fritsch –journalist

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Jack’s all smiles

Three year-old Jack Radford is all smiles and talk now that he’s able to join his siblings and childcare friends in physical games. Photograph bryan petts-jones
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WITHIN five minutes of saying ‘hello’ to three year-old Jack Radford, the Hernes Oak boy has you throw and catch any toy he can get his hands on.

It is a different sight from the boy whose mother, just last year, was calling on the community to help fund equipment that would allow him to move around with children his age.

Jack was born prematurely at 35 weeks and has cerebral palsy, a permanent condition that impacts posture and movement.

Since receiving a three-in-one mobility scooter and an adjustable support seat towards the middle of last year, Jack has improved in leaps and bounds.

But it is the arrival of the Wizzybug – a powered wheelchair for children under five years – that has helped the energetic youngster continue thriving on newly-found independence.

“His confidence, his cognitive ability (have improved); he’s able to express (himself) and he’s quite a superstar at childcare – the kids love it,” mother Natalie Radford said.

“He gets down and plays without having to worry about getting wet in the winter and crawling all over things.”

Jack now calls the Wizzybug his own after featuring in a Christmas fundraiser run by disability support organisation Yooralla.

He trialled the chair for four weeks earlier this year as Yooralla staff worked towards funding a fleet, with the mobility devices priced between $11,000 and $12,000 each.

Ms Radford described the prospect of handing the Wizzybug back as “heartbreaking”; Jack had taken to the device almost instantly.

“We were getting towards the end (of his trial) and we were thinking… ‘how can we put him back on the floor and make him slither around commando style?’,” Ms Radford said.

“But then we got the call that said, look we can keep it. And it was just the best news ever. I was hysterically happy.”

This year the family was able to hold its first Easter egg hunt Jack could truly participate in – a vast difference from last year when they “laid a tarp out, put Easter eggs on it and he slithered around on that”.

Instead, the family “put eggs up at his height” for him to find, reach and grab – proof, Ms Radford said, powered wheelchairs didn’t impede on a child’s development.

“There is a bit of a stigma, I think, attached to kiddies in power chairs,” she said.

“They say it doesn’t teach them to walk or anything like that, but I think that’s nonsense, because it’s given Jack so much strength and so much independence to be able to do things when he’s out of the chair.” Jack’s Wizzybug will return to Yooralla for another child to use once he grows out of the infant-designed device and starts using a larger, powered chair for school.

For now Jack is thrilled at chasing his sister around on her bike and helping with the chores – the Wizzybug having given him a sense of inclusion.

“I don’t see Jack as having a disability; to me, he’s just a normal three year-old,” Ms Radford said.

“It’s just a different ability, not a disability. We just work around that different ability and keep life as normal as we can for him, in terms of being with his peers and his family.

“He’s just a kid, but it’s just that he has a set of wheels to get around on. And to him, that’s pretty cool.”

Help fund Jack’s independence

The Radford family is now looking at purchasing a wheelchair-accessible car, with the modifications estimated to cost up to $40,000.

The family is considering fundraising events, such as trivia nights or high teas, to help pay for the modifications.

Head to the family’s crowd funding page at 梧桐夜网gofundme南京夜网/jacksindependence to help the Radfords fundraise or phone Natalie on 0407 642 989 to help organise the events.

*Occupational therapist Adele Petrie, who works at Yooralla’s Independent Living Centre, said the organisation hoped to help more children with similar experiences to Jack.

The organisation has received funding over three years for 20 Wizzybugs, and expects to have 14 by the end of the year.

For families, therapists or potential sponsors who would like to know more about the Wizzybug or how to trial the device, phone Adele Petrie at Yooralla on 9362 6111.

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Jannik moves closer to Rio

SELECTED: Jannik Blair, front row, second from left. Picture: CONTRIBUTEDHORSHAM product Jannik Blair has been selected in the Australian Rollers team, which will tour Great Britain for the 2016 Continental Clash from July 2.
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Following Blair’s success at the Basketball Australia’s Centre of Excellence camp this month, he wasnamed among a reduced list of 14 athletes.

Blair will now head to Leicester withthe Rollers team and from thattournament, the final team for the Rio Paralympics in September will be chosen.

Rollers coach Ben Ettridge told Basketball Australia the camp was the mostdifficult the coaching staff had performed in years with the entire squad playing at an exceptional level at the first camp.

Ettridge said every competitor was vying hard for selection.

“We had a great week at the centre of excellence,” he said.

“The boys were all in excellent shape and playing some great ball. Without doubt, the work they are doing is paying off and I am very proud of all of them.

“As far as selection goes, the boys who missed out on this tour did everything they could to push for selection and at the end of the day, we have selected the best 14 guys to take on the teams at the Continental Clash.

“Another milestone for us was the release of the pools for Rio. We now know ourinitial five opponents (Canada, Turkey, Netherlands, Japan and Spain). This alone has taken ourpreparation to another level both individually and as a team.”

The Rollers will fly to Great Britain on June 27 to compete against Japan, USA, Netherlands and 2012 gold medallists Canada.

“The tour of Great Britain will give us the international competition we need to prepare for Rio,”Ettridge said.

Rollers coach Ben EttridgeThis story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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